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The Vinco Difference

Vinco Academy is where excellence in education meets childcare. Our dedicated team of teachers all hold bachelor's degrees, at a minimum, ensuring a high standard of instruction and nurturing care. We have created a childcare schedule that seamlessly integrates the best elements of daycare and preschool, providing families in our community with convenient, high-quality early childhood education embedded in social constructivism.


Our educators recognize the importance of holistic development, which is why we offer music and art therapies. These engaging activities stimulate creativity, foster self-expression, and enhance cognitive abilities. By incorporating therapeutic approaches, we provide a unique learning environment that nurtures children's emotional well-being.


Our primary goal is to ensure that every child develops on track, meeting milestones and advancing as expected. We prioritize the growth of cognitive abilities, motor skills, and social skills while maintaining a safe and secure environment. Vinco's dedicated staff works tirelessly to create an enriching atmosphere where children thrive and flourish.

Our Curriculum

Vinco Academy embraces social constructivism as its foundation for early learning. Fostering curiosity and meaningful interactions, the academy nurtures young minds through collaborative and active participation.

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Faculty & Staff

Meet our faculty members, who are the heart and soul of Vinco's education. With diverse backgrounds and a wealth of experience in early childhood education, our teachers bring a myriad of talents and perspectives to the classroom. They are not only knowledgeable in their respective fields but also empathetic, nurturing, and attuned to the unique needs of each child in their care.

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